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Presenting Company: GoPlanit

"GoPlanit's travel micro-blogging feature also allows you to easily update your trip journal in real-time with notes, pictures, and ratings from your mobile phone, keeping friends up to date at all times." [more]

TC50: GoPlanit Generates Your Travel Itinerary With One Click

"Users are free to customize these schedules by deleting or resizing them, and can click "Plan It" again to have the gaps filled with new activities." [more]

GoPlanit Plans Your Vacation For You

"I told it I wanted to go to New York and I had no idea what I was doing. GoPlanit provided an instant travel itinerary I was able to tweak based on how active or low-key I wanted to be and how much money I had to blow." [more]

GoPlanit lets you shuffle travel plans like a music playlist

"It removes the need to buy travel books by automatically figuring out your itinerary based on budget, physical health, and how much free time you've got." [more]

GoPlanit Generates Your Travel Itinerary With One Click

"After specifying a city, users simply click 'Plan It!', and the site will present an iCal-esque calendar filled to the brim with activities..." [more]

Jiggle and Blow Your iPhone to Make Mother Earth Smile

"The folks who introduced GoPlanit to the world are launching a Sim City-like set of iPhone applications... to quench the activist, treehugging, superheroic self nascent in the global gamer conscience." [more]

GoPlanit: plan a trip to a few clicks

"The application automatically suggests a calendar of activities, and can be edited by the traveler to their liking" [more] - Simple Trip Planning

" is a site that will allow you to quickly get the best information on places you want to visit, making it easy for you to plan your trip without having to hop around the web looking for information." [more]

Goplanit Suggests Spare time activities

"Goplanit suggests spare time activities and sightseeing goals for the destination, estimates the time needed to explore and then creates a calendar with all the most important information and a detailed travel itinerary" [more]

GoPlanit - The Travel representative in the TechCrunch50

"It's difference from a "standard" web 2.0 planning site is that you can hit the PlanIt button and have a trip itinerary automatically recommended and built based on the behaviour of other users." [more]

GoPlanit launches one-click travel planner

"GoPlanit takes your preferences and budget into account when creating your personalized trip itinerary. The recommendation engine suggests the most popular and highest-rated items for each destination." [more]

GoPlanIt: Like Fodor's but free and online

"You select a city, create an account, and then tell the site what you want to see. It builds a specialized itinerary for you complete with customized restaurant recommendations and maps." [more]

This Week's Best Start Ups and Mobile Apps

"The TechCrunch 50 last week was an amazing source of new companies and funky ideas, but one of the best that we saw was GoPlanit" [more]

TC 50: Go Plan your Travel with GoPlanIt

"Once you make up a mind to visit a specific city, you could just click on 'Plan It' and leave the rest on GoPlanit. The service will create a calendar filled with activities that you should or would be able to do. " [more]

GoPlanIt - interview with COO Jimmy Ku on the day the Dow imploded

"On any normal day our interview would have focused on GoPlanit's plans to move from beta to a full release, how they would generate traffic and thoughts on balancing editorial and user generated content. Unfortunately this is not a normal day." [more]

All About the Betas - Episode 4

"GoPlanIt is a travel planning and itinerary building website." [more]

The Daily Geek

"It's a really cool application. I definitely think you should try if if you like to travel." [more]